Models & Dogs – Part 1



Some of you may have seen my album of shots from my models & dogs series.  I wanted to give you a little more of an in-depth look at the inspiration behind these photos.




This year I resolved to have animals play a larger role in my life.  I have always loved animals, and wanted to be a vet when I was younger, but strayed from that path because I felt I would be too emotionally involved with my patients.  Luckily, emotional involvement is key when you are taking photos!  So, for the first personal project of this year, I decided to focus on pet photography.  I reached out to several friends, and also to Model Mayhem, where I found Alexandra and her German Shepherd, Kai.



Kai is Alexandra’s service dog, so it’s no wonder they were close and connected the entire shoot.  That’s what I was really looking for – the connection between a dog and its owner, the connection between animal and human.  It was a wonderful experience, and made me even more resolved to work more with animals.




To book a shoot with your pet, email me and we’ll explore this connection together!  If you’re camera shy, book just for your pet, and we will see the connection your pet has with you from your point of view!

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A Soft and Natural Engagement


Gloomy days are not common in San Diego, but when they do happen, everything softens.  I think they make for super romantic photos, like these!  Taken in Elfin Forest, near Escondido, CA, the couple focused on interacting with the natural beauty of the winter landscape – well, as wintery as it gets in San Diego County!  Enjoy these shots from the session – you can see more of them on my facebook, linked at the top!

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IMG_8538 IMG_8518 IMG_8592

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